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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cold War Kids- Loyalty To Loyalty

Cold War Kids burst onto the music scene with their 2006 debut Robbers And Cowards and their hit single “Hang Me Up To Dry,” showcasing a blues-rock band with swagger and piano to boot. With their sophomore release, Loyalty To Loyalty, do more of the same, without sounding stale and repetitive. The album is a joy throughout, and will have you grooving and nodding in no time. “Against Privacy” kicks off the record, sounding murky and bluesy. “Mexican Dogs” picks up the pace, with thick drumming, reverb guitar, and Willet bearing his soul through his strained vocals. “Every Valley Is Not A Lake” is intense and soulful, and “Welcome To The Occupation” dares you not to shimmy, with bongos, cowbells, and shimmering guitar, along with some of Willet’s most pleasing vocals on the record. “Something Is Not Right With Me” is Loyalty To Loyalty’s first single, within good reason. The song is irresistible; the piano is pulsating perfectly with the precise drumming, emotional singing, and grooving bass. “Golden Gate Jumpers”- an ode to suicide- leisurely strolls along with unhurried, effortless vocals and delicate piano, with “Avalanche in B” continuing along at the same pace. “I’ve Seen Enough” picks things back up, with a catchy beat and melody, showcasing a near salsa tinge. The song “Every Man I Fall For” is sung through the viewpoint of a girl, emoting "Every man I fall for drinks his coffee black/love and hate are tattooed on his knuckles/And my name is on his back.” Hillet grasps at his loss of youth in “Dreams Old Men Dream,” which features yet another irresistible hook and a very cavernous, atmospheric feel. “Relief” is a breath of fresh air, combining the CWK basics with a synthetic undertone that nearly mirrors Ghostland Observatory, and makes for one of the most interesting moments on the album. Cold War Kids gently bow out with their final piano-driven song “Cryptomnesia,” capping off a great record. There isn’t a boring moment on the record, and while it may not feature as many stand out tracks as Robbers And Cowards, the album, as a whole, is far superior. Every track is a good listen, and things are only looking up for Cold War Kids, as Loyalty To Loyalty is sure to snag the band many more loyal fans.


Key Tracks: “Something Is Not Right With Me” “Mexican Dogs” “Relief”

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