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Monday, April 27, 2009

NMF Class of 2009 Awards

Most Likely to Succeed: Here Is There

            Playing to a criminally under attended morning crowd, the band made lemons into lemonade, shimmying through a powerful set filled with guitar solos and pulsing percussion. With their brand of boxed in chaos, and average age of 19, I am sure we will be hearing much more from them in the future.


Best All-Around: Mayola

            The most energetic set of the entire festival, Mayola blended the perfect amount of musicianship, showmanship, and local flavor. Bassist Antonio Laster’s crowd interaction made everyone feel like they were part of the show; what more could you ask for at a music festival?


Class Clown: Man Man

            Their loud, crazy, dysfunctional set left the crowd on the brink of insanity. Pounding, screeching, smacking, and thumping for a chaos-filled hour, Man Man locked in everyone’s attention like the most bizarre court jester there’s ever been.


Best Dressed: Of Montreal

            Of Montreal’s feathered shoulder pads, smoking suits, purple velvet, boas, and Coldplay-esque orange suit had the band making fashion statements galore. I have never seen anyone make a tiger mascot head look so chic.


Best Hair: The Uglysuit

            With long flowing locks, ponytails, feather swept bangs, and something that I can only compare to the mane of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Uglysuit not only blew the crowd away with their gorgeous indie pop ballads, but also with their impeccable hair. 


Most Likely To Make You Smile: Hush Hush, Commotion

            Blasting catchy honest power pop throughout the Sooner Theatre, Hush Hush’s solid set left the crowd grinning like fools, impressed with their old classics and remarkable new tunes.


Best Personality: Sugar and Gold

            Getting the crowd moving and grooving in the late afternoon, Sugar and Gold was the most pleasant surprise at the festival. Their cheeky, fun show was highly entertaining and was the perfect warmup to the chaos that was fixing to ensue.

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