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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NMF Preview: The Separation

I spoke to David from the Separation about the band and.....well....just read for yourself.

How would you describe your sound?

"A Picnic For Your Ears."


Why should we go see you at Norman Music Festival?

It's FREE! It's outside during a a very brief time of Oklahoma weather where it's enjoyable to spend a day outdoors with your friends joyously drinking beer on Main Street. On top of that there's all types of music all around you. It's a great opportunity to be exposed to new music and for all the underage kids around to check out the bands that they usually would have to stand outside a bar to listen to. I also heard a rumor that David Boren was going bust out some percussion solos with Man Man.


What makes your live show special?

We all play atop magical unicorns.


How’d you settle on the band name?

Many centuries ago there was a band of 5 roaming minstrels that spread their joyous music to the masses. They had been tragically separated while traveling through the ancient forest of Dosho and killed one by one by an evil wizard who was jealous of their soothing sounds, damning their souls to the lower heavens and were forced to ride on the edges of rainbows for many, many years. This was their fate until the day that 5 magical unicorns saved the wandering souls and gloriously united them with our earthly bodies, proclaiming we should be called "The Separation" and to begin to spread joyous music to the masses once again.


What plans do you have for the future?

We will travel and play our music whenever and where ever our unicorns take us.


What other bands influence you the most?

Bauhaus and ELO or maybe Bill Joel and Quasi, depends on what mixture of drugs we're on.


Who else will you personally be seeing at Norman Music Festival?

Definitely Man Man and Starlight Mints. I've seen them both countless times but they are always a site to see. And pretty much everyone playing on the Opolis stage.


Any memorable concert/tour stories/moments?

Opening for Of Montreal at Opolis a few years back comes to mind. Seeing as they were one of our favorite bands we were very excited to play with and meet them. Come to find out they were all pretty heinous except for the new guy; There's nothing cuter than a mid-level indie band with the egos of a 1980's hair-metal band.


Best moment in band history?

We played one of our best shows opening up for Ben Kweller at Bricktown Ballroom. Being carried over the crowd at a sold out show by a mob of teenage boys and girls has to be one of the best moments for the entire band, especially Lindsay. Mmm, all those little hands. She got so many phone numbers that night; sorry kids, she's married now.


Favorite Norman restaurant?

Pepe's, hands down. The mix-meat Burrito Loco is the best; it's Emilio's specialty.


Favorite band as a kid?

Gary Glitter

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