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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NMF Preview: The Uglysuit

Colin Bray from the Uglysuit talks about meeting Sigur Ros, loving life, and shaking what your momma gave you.

How would you describe your sound?

Cerebral opti-rock seems fitting, or so we've heard.


Why should we go see you at Norman Music Festival?

Depending on who else is playing, I might not say you should. Otherwise, if you like "happy feel good" music, come. Be prepared to be compelled to shake what your momma gave you!

What makes your live show special?

Feeling. Energy. Emotion. Joy. First and foremost though, letting go, giving yourself to your eardrums, and the sounds surpassing them.


How’d you settle on the band name?

It’s a story still being lived out.


What plans do you have for the future?

To try and do whatever we can to keep playing music, we're writing for a new album now. It’s exciting to be back in the process, which really the process is something that never ends. Also, we're hoping for shows and tours to keep happening regularly. We'll be working hard for that.


What other bands influence you the most?

That’s the hardest thing for us to answer. You can get answers ranging from every spectrum of music. Literally, anything from trance/house music, to Coldplay or Sigur Ros, to the Gorillaz.


Who else will you personally be seeing at Norman Music Festival?

Hopefully a lot of things. Other lives, Mayola, Man Man, The Mints, Of Montreal, of course, and more I’m sure.


Any memorable concert/tour stories/moments?

There are so many. Probably either pulling into New York for the first time. I'm driving (our full size conversion van and trailer) mind you. We pull into the Lincoln tunnel at like 4:58 pm, on a weekday afternoon!!! The traffic was so bad. Lanes went down from 7 to 2. We had to skip across 4 to make it. The dudes were all freaking out, we ended up making it, just a nice stressful happening in NYC. Quite funny, told them I had it.

Or our first show in Europe, Milan Italy to be exact. The people all totally shut up when as soon as we took the stage; we're used to places here, not that its a bad thing, but people party, loudly. Everyone there was focused on what was happening. We loved that very much.


Best moment in band history?

Some friends of ours saw Sigur Ros in Kansas City one night. The next night drove on over to St Louis, since it wasn't must farther, to see us play with Iron and Wine. They’re hanging out down the street from the venue we were playing and they run into 3 of the 4 members of Sigur Ros. We find out, go find them, and start chatting them up. They asked if we could get them on our list for our show; we laughed and didn't think they'd come. They were their before our set even started, and afterwards they came and hung out with us back stage for hours. That my friend was for sure, our greatest moment, I'm sure we'd all tell you many great things have happened, but that was amazing.


Favorite Norman restaurant? 

JUSTIN"S BAR & BISTRO!!! haha It’s a family business.


Favorite band as a kid? 

Pink Floyd


How was SXSW? 

Amazing. Exhausting. Met so many cool people. Saw so many good bands.


If there is anything else you want to say or add just go ahead!

Love life. Love people. Love music.

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