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Monday, April 27, 2009

Silversun Pickups- Swoon


            Silversun Pickups will always carry around the stigma of being the new Smashing Pumpkins. Many love their music, others claim that is just a rip off. Either way, you have to acknowledge that this L.A. crew is making a show of it.


            The world was introduced to Silversun Pickups a few summers ago with their debut album “Carnavas” with the surprisingly mainstream single “Lazy Eye” and even more notable track “Well Thought Out Twinkles.” Their mix of glossy garage rock and high pitched vocals filled a void left by the then disbanded Smashing Pumpkins.


             I cannot help but think that Silversun Pickups are currently doing a better impression of the band than they are currently doing themselves, what with there being 1/4th of the original lineup and Billy Corgan preoccupied with schmoozing with Live Nation executives, and there’s no shame in building upon the creation of another.


            “Swoon” picks up where “Carnavas” left off. There have been very few tweaks to their sound, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Their brand of fuzzed out garage noise is just hard enough to nod your head to and imaginative enough to not leave you bored.


            They kick off the album with the catchy “There’s No Secrets This Year,” the perfect launch to a fun record. The album slows down for a bit before kicking back up with the hazy “Panic Switch” that is sure to incite well-mannered moshing for years. “Sort Of” marches off with a progressive tempo and the noteworthy “Substitution” starts off slow before zig-zagging about, dizzying you with the swirling vocal and guitar.


            “Swoon” lacks the punch of the debut, but is overall a more well-polished product than its predecessor. We see them venturing off from the lustrous garage rock sound a little more, which is a shame because rocking out is what the band does best, but it makes for a unpredictable listening experience.


            In an age where musicians are more about being “artists” than making music, something is very refreshing about the straightforward music of Silversun Pickups. Complaining about the Smashing Pumpkins resemblance is misinformed, and if anything, I wouldn’t mind them attempting to sound more like their wayward big brother.

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