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Sunday, April 5, 2009

TV on the Radio- Dear Science,

TV on the Radio isn’t content with the indie club circuit, they seem to have aim on something greater. With legendary live shows, and near perfect records, the band is on its way to becoming the arena headliner most indie bands are afraid to become, and from the sound of Dear Science, TV on the Radio aren’t frightened at all. Dear Science, is sure to go down as one of the top albums of 2008, and maybe even the decade, featuring trancey hooks and hypnotizing rhythm. The album never lulls, and while it keeps its odd, seemingly dysfunctional feel, this album is much more palatable than any of their previous efforts. Every track is immediately listenable, and tracks like “Golden Age” “Crying” and “Dancing Choose” are downright danceable with pop-aspirations. “Halfway Home” launches off the album, sounding expansive, soaring and roaring for five minutes.  “Crying” demands you to put on your dancing shoes, featuring a hasty, bouncy rhythm and Adebimpe switching between narrating and falsetto yelping. “Dancing Choose” features a gorgeous interchange of Adebimpe’s and Malone’s vocals, and gives you little choice other than dancing. The hopeful “Golden Age” draws comparisons to David Bowie, and the optimistic, upbeat rhythm is both infectious and entertaining with brass sprinkled upon the song’s electric base. The melancholy “Family Tree” is beautifully haunting, with the anti-war “Red Dress” swiftly picking up the pace afterwards. “Love Dog” is another poignant, elegant song that tugs at your heartstrings. Then “Shout Me Out,” starting soft, and ending loud and distorted, builds into yet another amazing track. We hear near rapping in the crunchy, twisting “DLZ,” one of the most intriguing songs on the record. Dear Science, draws to a close with the brassy, shimmering “Lover’s Day” ending just as strong as the album began. TV on the Radio may have begun their career under the radar, but just like their songs, they are building and expanding into something great. Keeping their dysfunctional, yet impeccably beautiful music, while making the tracks more accessible and straightforward, suits the band well. If they continue at this pace, TV on the Radio are sure to become legends of the arena, leaving us all in their wake.


Key Tracks: “DLZ” “Golden Age” “Dancing Choose” “Halfway Home”

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