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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Locksley Interview

This Brooklyn-based rock n’ roll band has been turning heads in the past year. They began the year on tour with Rooney, and were even the Featured Artist of the Week on MTV in early September, following the release of their album Don’t Make Me Wait. Lead singer Jesse Laz took time to answer a few questions about the band.


How did you come up with the name Locksley?

It's from Robin Hood. At the time we were making all our money on licensing and hoping to get signed to a big record label and so it seemed a funny sort of bit. "Steal from the rich and give to the poor". Plus we liked the whole gang of friends living together, enjoying themselves, doing good thing to it.

What's been the most mind-blowing moment of your musical career so far?

Touring with the Hives. You know how some people make a list of the celebrities they'd like to have sex with? Well, we made a list of the bands we'd like to open for and they were all alone in the number one spot. And we got to open for them. It was a two-band bill as well. Just Locksley and the Hives. Didn't YOUR mind just explode?

What's been the lowlight?

We entered a contest to play on 'The Boardwalk in Atlantic City' and it turned out to be just awful. Nobody there, in front of a Shoe Barn or something terrible like that, and I blew out my voice which has given me problems ever since. It was miserable.

The craziest moment?

We played this huge telecom conference in LA during the day where they put us all up in our own suites at the Mandalay Bay Resort and then right afterwards we played a small club in town at midnight but we had to drive to Portland for a show the next day (17 hours away). So we get to venue just before we're supposed to play and the headliner, Scissors For Lefty, is all set up and we ask if we could use their gear because we had to leave right after the show to have a prayer of making it to Portland. Anyway, they let us use it and we did, all of it. Down to drumsticks, I think. Just jumped up and played one of the best sets of our career, finished on the dance floor all over the place, dropped our guitars and ran out as the chord was still ringing. At the door this guy stopped us and said he loved our set and that he was the manager of the killers. We thanked him, left and 4 hours later got in the worst accident of my life. Turns out he was the Killer's manager though. Crazy, right?

Favorite venue to play?

CBGB’s holds a special place in our hearts. It was the first place we ever played in New York and we had a residency there for a while up until it closed. Plus we all worked there in various capacities and hung out there and it just felt like we were really a part of the legacy of that place.

Favorite city to play?

Chicago, but Tokyo comes in a close second.

What was the inspiration behind your music?

Whatever we're listening to at the moment. So today it's the Rapture, a Stax collection and M.I.A.

What is the one song that you wish you had written?

Right now: Blank Generation by Richard Hell

What musician/band has had the biggest influence on your career?

The Beatles, hands down.

Who are the top couple of musicians/bands you would love to tour and/or work with?

We’ve been lucky and able to play with some of our favorite artists already: Hives, Rapture and Bishop Allen are three great examples. As for ones we haven't played with: The Strokes for sure. Kanye West or Jay-Z would be amazing, Danger mouse, M.I.A, Santogold. We’d all love the work Ethan Johns, who did the first two Kings of Leon albums.

What's the funniest moment on tour you've had?

One time our van broke down and we were stuck in Luling, Texas for a few days. One of those days we all split up and Sam ended up getting really badly sunburned. So, we were all sitting in the hotel room watching TV and he comes storming in with his shirt off, beet red and just grabs a six-pack off the dresser and goes into the bathroom, turn on the shower (cold), sits down in the tub (with his pants on) and cracks one open. To me that was hilarious.

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