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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NMF Preview: Crocodile

Derek Brown of the Norman band Crocodile took the time to talk about kittens, Jaggermeister, and puppets. You can catch them at 8pm on the Opolis Stage

How would you describe your sound?

Imagine if the crew of NASA took a DeLorean time machine back to 1985 to help Robert Smith record The Cure's The Head On The Door and they came stocked with plenty of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream and Sparks energy drinks.


Why should we go see you at Norman Music Festival?

If it's raining, you should come see us because we'll be indoors. If it's not raining, you should if the above description got you at all excited.


What makes your live show special?

The same things that make kittens and babies special.


How’d you settle on the band name?

Testosterone is key in most decision making. Read all about it at:


What plans do you have for the future?

We are finishing up a three-song single called "Head Over Heels". After that's finished, we'll keep working on our first LP.

What other bands influence you the most?

Can't tell, we look to them in times of need.

Who else will you personally be seeing at Norman Music Festival?

It will be great to finally see Early Beat. The Puppet Show over at the Kids Stage looks cool. We will pay respects to the Jagermeister stage since my marriage was founded partly on Jagermeister.

Any memorable concert/tour stories/moments?

Being on the road is like going on vacation except you have to carry heavy stuff everywhere.

Best moment in band history?

NMF '09

Favorite Norman restaurant?

We don't get to eat in Norman much lately, so I'm going to go with a flashback food: the vegetarian tempura sandwiches the Opolis used to serve for lunch (prepared by Suzy of Forward Foods).

Favorite band as a kid?

As a pre-teen it was Def Leppard. As a teen, it was The Cure. What those bands have in common is for you to decide.

If there is anything else you want to say or add just go ahead!

We are honored to play NMF this year and are equally prideful that we live in a state where you can come see so many great artists for free


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