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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Murs- Murs for President

Murs has been coasting under the radar for several years now. An underground hero, Murs is honest, relatable, and confident without being cocky, refreshing in a world full of overly confident rappers. Murs is rapping about what he knows. The world he grew up, one that needs to change. He narrates the life he is living in a new, fresh way, a way you can’t help but want to hear. Murs picks eccentric beats that suit his off-beat demeanor, and we see him at his weakest when trying to make that commercial hit, like in “Lookin’ Fly” with When he is feeling natural with effortless flow and his unique beats, we hear Murs at his strongest. Obviously, from the title, we can tell that this is a very political record. He begins with “I’m Innocent,” a call for attention to the injustices in the world, feeling urgent and brash. “The Science” begins with jazz flute, thick drumming, and a scratchy, twisting chorus. “Everything –Murs” is the most beautiful track of the album. A beautiful piano and turntable infused song, with a truly magnificent chorus pairing Murs’ flow over emotional vocals that will demand several listens. “Road Is My Religion” starts hot and heavy with deep bass and a guitar riff, Murs rhyming in perfect sync with this rock beat. “Soo Comfortable” sounds bubbly and sexual, and “Time Is Now” is soulful and showcases verses from Snoop Dogg. “Think You Know Me” is slow and drowsy musically, but clear and deliberate vocally. A 70’s-esque sample kicks off “Me And This Jawn,” but then a dizzy, cavernous beat takes over, with Murs sounding strong and demanding over this shaky foundation. If you are looking for a fresh rapper, and an even more refreshing rap album in a world of copycat emcees, Murs For President is right up your alley. Every song is reaching out for greatness, not all grasp it, but some seem to have some sort of hold. Why not Murs for President? His campaign is the most intruiging of them all.


Key Tracks: “Everything –Murs” “Think You Know Me” “The Science”

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