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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NMF Preview: Mayola

Bryan from Mayola talks about Jems, Bison Witches, and not giving a fuck. You can catch them on the Opolis Stage at 3pm.


How would you describe your sound?

-Whenever anyone asks I usually just say loud rock and roll. The sound we create is mostly Riley's folk songs with the band adding a few more levels and dynamics behind it. We've toyed with the description "post-apocalyptic country western rock n roll" but I almost think we've moved beyond that with our new recordings. So if I absolutely had to categorize it I'd just say rock n roll.


Why should we go see you at Norman Music Festival?

-I feel like Mayola operates best to loud, possibly drunk and obnoxious crowds. So hopefully by three in the afternoon everyone will be in the mood to go a little crazy and I don't think there's a better show going on at that time to go a little crazy at than the Mayola show.


What makes your live show special?

-I guess we just like to have a good time when we're on stage and sometimes we really get into it and when we're into it the crowd feels that and wants to have fun with us too. Its kind of a communal experience. I say its therapeutic to just scream at the top of your lungs and flail around like you really just don't give a fuck.


How’d you settle on the band name?

-Mayola is the singer/guitar/piano player Riley Jantzen's grandmother's name.


What plans do you have for the future?

-Well barring any illness or sudden life-altering complications our main goal for the future is just to keep doing this for as long as we can.


What other bands influence you the most?

-Each member of the band has their own influences but I guess all of our influences show up in really subtle ways. Riley is a fan of folk and Americana music and that is essentially where the structure and style of the songwriting comes from but the music itself gets a little crazy and we add elements of anything from punk rock to salsa music. I personally really dig Tom Waits.


Who else will you personally be seeing at Norman Music Festival?

-I think I'm going start the day off with Here is There. Definitely going try to see Ali Harter, The Non, Jabee, Other Lives, The Uglysuit, all our friends really. Gentle Ghost is playing right before us and they're fantastic.

I personally can't wait to see Man Man. They've played in Norman so many times in the past few years and I've missed them each time so this should be fun.




Any memorable concert/tour stories/moments?

-When I was asked to join the band Travis (guitar player) made me a hand-drawn "Official Member of Mayola" card out of construction paper. I like that memory.


Best moment in band history?

-Probably finally putting out our first record. That felt good. Hopefully this new record will be the new best moment.


Favorite Norman restaurant?

-I don't really make it down to Norman that often but every time we play at the Opolis we've got to eat at Bison Witches.


Favorite band as a kid?

Jem! and the Holograms



If there is anything else you want to say or add just go ahead!

-I'm grateful that Oklahoma has a thing like the Norman Music Festival going on and that we get to be apart of it. I feel really sorry for whoever isn't there this weekend.

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